• How I design


    Idea or Commission

    • Finding ideas I like to develop.
    • Or receiving commissions.


    • Set some requirements myself (personal projects).
    • Or find out requirements with the client.


    Research for games that have similar mechanics, target audience, or theme, and analyze them!



    • Start on paper every time I can: GDD, boardgames, SVG level design, one-page design documents.
    • Move to digital when needed.

    Test and iterate

    Test the prototypes, and iterate as long as needed to achieve the intended player experience.



    • Publish on itch.io
    • Or deliver to the client
  • Projects Details

    Brush Chronicles

    Description of the game

    A bad guy, the rubber at the end of the finished pencil, is entering all painting and running them because it wants to order. The player will go through every ruined art while playing the hero, the head of a painting brush, to restore the original painting.
    The game is a platformer was the player fights against enemies by shooting them with ink, and by changing the ink's color, he is shooting depending on the enemy he is facing.

    Best Creative Game

    Description of the game

    An oligarchy is leading Florence. This political organization is lead by the players. The players fight each other for controlling the oligarchy. Every turn, they cast votes for granting privileges to one of the four factions of the city or for the oligarchy itself. If during the game one of the factions has more influence than the oligarchy, the player loses. At the end of the game, the player with the most point win.
    Terms & Conditions