• Medieval Moderness

    3D action combat between fantasy characters and modern days thugs, police, and military

  • What is Medieval Moderness?

    Meet Illihion and Mor and help them return to their medieval fantasy time!

    • 3D Third-person action game.
    • A Devil May Cry fast action pacing combat.
    • Single-player and Coop-Player campaign!
    • A unique character control swapping system!
    • Dark Souls' mood in a modern age city.
    • Releases on PC and major console.
    • Mature content.
    • Two character protagonist with a strong character!.
  • The process

  • 1. Creating a box

    First, I made some design choices to give me challenges to overcome and requirements to meet.

    • I wanted to challenge myself and create an AAA-style game.
    • AI enemies - I wanted a better understanding of the subject and to learn some of UE4's EQS.
    • Swapping control between two characters - I'm exploring this mechanic through all the courses at the moment, I find it interesting. 
    • Emergent system - I wanted a better understanding of the subject

    2. Brainstorm

    I brainstormed until I found something interesting in the theme.
    First, I got some idea about the gameplay, then something about the theme.
    When I had something clear enough about the theme I moved to the next step.

    3. Pitch Deck

    I create the first draft of the pitch deck. It helps me visualize and summarize all the most important elements of the game.

    4. Visual Boards & Story

    After the pitch deck, I create the main story with an awesome tool called Fabula.
    With the story and core concept in mind, I'm able to create some visual boards that help define the mood and the main characters.

    4. GDD & One Page Design

    With the core mechanics and the story in mind, I start designing with a Top-Down approach.

    A move across the document defining everything I need for going deeper a little more in any areas.

    • I design the core of the game
    • I make One Page design of the crucial systems
    • I take note of every crucial aspect that needs to be tested in a prototype

    5. Prototype

    I create the prototype, understand what works and what is not working, and go back to the documents fixing and revising everything that needs to be changed and updated!

  • The story

  • Illihion and Mor, a magician and his crazy assistant, are sent to another time during the last fight against their archenemy. These two medieval figures will find themselves in a 2000's city, unable to return to their time, and with new enemies to fight. How will they find a way home!?
    With the help of a local Yakuza gang, obviously!

    What's next!?

    Prototype & Revising more!

    The next step will be to have a playable beautiful corner!


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