• Medieval Moderness

    3D action combat between fantasy characters and modern days thugs, police, and military

  • What is Medieval Moderness?

    Meet Illihion and Mor and help them return to their medieval fantasy time!

    • 3D Third-person action game.
    • A Devil May Cry fast action pacing combat.
    • Single-player and Coop-Player campaign!
    • A unique character control swapping system!
    • Dark Souls' mood in a modern age city.
    • Releases on PC and major console.
    • Mature content.
    • Two character protagonist with a strong character!.
  • The process

  • 1. Creating a box

    First, I made some design choices to give me challenges to overcome and requirements to meet.

    • I wanted to challenge myself and create an AAA-style game.
    • AI enemies - I wanted a better understanding of the subject and to learn some of UE4's EQS.
    • Swapping control between two characters - I'm exploring this mechanic through all the courses at the moment, I find it interesting. 
    • Emergent system - I wanted a better understanding of the subject

  • The story

  • Illihion and Mor, a magician and his crazy assistant, are sent to another time during the last fight against their archenemy. These two medieval figures will find themselves in a 2000's city, unable to return to their time, and with new enemies to fight. How will they find a way home!?
    With the help of a local Yakuza gang, obviously!

    What's next!?

    Prototype & Revising more!

    The next step will be to have a playable beautiful corner!


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