• Lola & Wolf: Fragmented Worlds

    “Mario Odyssey” ’s and “Immortal Fenyx Rising” ’s gameplays meet the humor and the style “Who framed Roger Rabbit?”

  • Meet Lola & Wolf

    Help Lola & Wolf save the human and the cartoon worlds!

    • Single-player and Coop-Player campaign.
    • A unique art style in a live-action animated movie.
    • Unique two-character swapping mechanic.
    • Famous Guests from other IPs.
    • A story about diversity and integration of diversity.
    • A game for children and grown-ups.
    • An Open-world game subdivided into themed areas.
  • The process

  • 1. Designing in a box

    First, I made some design choices to give me challenges to overcome and requirements to meet.

    • I wanted to challenge myself and create a complex AAA-Style game.
    • Unique Appearance - I wanted my game to stand out from the crowd, so I got inspired by the live-action/animated hybrid movies.
    • A game for everyone - I wanted to make a game capable of engaging different audiences as the best cartoons do. Children and grown-ups can play it alone, together, or enjoy watching the game played by others.  

    2. Visual study

    I knew the most critical part of this game would be to blend cartoon graphics and realistic graphics in the same game, so the first step was to make some photoshop tests to concept the final result.


    On the left, a screenshot taken from Horizon New Dawn modified with cartoons and anime characters.

    2. The Story

    This game was clear in my mind from the start: I wanted to provide the feeling of Mario Odyssey exploration with fun combat similar to Fenyx Rising.


    So I felt the need to understand who the protagonists were, how the world was, what the player would do, etc.

    I needed something able to make the player cry and emphasize.


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    3. Pitch Deck

    I created the pitch deck after the story.


    It is always a great exercise, and it helps me focus on the uniqueness and the risks of the project.


    For Lola&Wolf it helped me conceptualize the unique character control switch mechanic and focus on the risks and on concrete actions to take during game pre-production for ensuring the success of the project

    4. GDD & One Page Design

    With the core mechanics and the story in mind, I start designing with a Top-Down approach.

    A move across the document defining everything I need for going deeper a little more in any areas.

    • I create the core of the game.
    • I made One Page design of some modular parts of the game.
    • I estimated the "budget" for the characters needed in the game.

    5. Design a Beautiful Corner

    I designed a part of an area on paper, from the start to the end, and I also created in detail a mini-challenge leading to a mini-boss battle.

    And in the end, I made a block out of the level inside Unreal Engine 4.

  • The story

  • The human and the cartoons live together daily; some enjoy spending time together, while the rest look at the "other world" with fear and prejudices. Exploiting this situation, the antagonist will create mayhem in the human city where a 12 years girl named Lola lives. She will separate from her parents because of the devastation. And, while running away from the danger, Lola will meet Wolf, an enormous grumpy adult cartoon who will try to protect her during the mayhem and help her rejoin her with her parents again. While traveling, the two protagonists will encounter enemies, Lola will fight alongside Wolf, and they become friends. And when they understand who is creating the mayhem, they will decide to save humans and cartoons. A flashback will show that Lola's parents were cartoon-intolerants, and in the end, they will support the comics since they kept their daughter safe, and now they even cartoons are human.
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