• Game Designer & Software Developer


    I’m a technical game designer with a background in software development specialized in Unreal Engine 4.
    In my free time, I cultivate my love for any game by working on different projects and any other passion my curiosity drives me into!


  • Hour of Code

    "Hour of Code" is a tutorial for Unreal Engine.
    I used the free content and the challenges proposed by this tutorial, and I applied the level design process I'm learning at CG Spectrum to the game.
    You can see the playthrough video on the right.

    You can play it by clicking the button below.

    You can see the level design document by clicking here.

    Mammut RPG

    Mammut RPG is a tabletop RPG publisher and a group of friends I collaborate with.

    • Proof-Reader of translated games from English to Italian.
    • Organizing the Mapemounde 2020 game Jam: proposing themes for the jam, organizing the voting phase for those themes, organizing asynchronous decisions about the jam with deadlines.
    • Game Tester played games created by other members, give feedbacks, proposing a design solution.

    Brush Chronicles

    Brush Chronicles made with the idea to learn and understand different roles of the game industry.

    In this project, I made

    • Level Design on paper and in the Engine, placing objects, enemies, and testing.
    • Game Design wrote the Game Design Documents, brainstorming about mechanics, game feel, and story.
    • Showcasing the game demo in a local indie developer event and an art gallery.

    Best Creative Game

    In 2013 I attended a boardgame design contest in Florence called "Smart design 2013" and hosted a BGD Italy forum.

    The theme was "Florence, 3013". In my entry, I imagined a dystopic future, and I designed a fully playable prototype. I created:

    • A Rulebook with all the rules needed for playing;
    • A game board mockup of the city with 5 places of power in the city;
    • A historical Chronicles of events explaining what made Florence a place of power and schemes in 3103.


    Akvo ("water" in Esperanto) is a small card game I made in collaboration with Ravenna's Municipality for a festival on water's importance.

    • I collect all the requirements from the game.
    • I create the story behind the game.
    • I created the rulebook.
    • I playtested the game with friends and with children in a Comic Store.
    • I collaborated with the illustrator for defining colors that would have been accessible for color blind people.

    Team Leading Articles

    After being a Team Leader for one year and a half, I decided to write a series of articles called "Making a Leader" for the Zuru Tech Italy Blog.
    You can find them

    1. Leader foundation skills
    2. Leaders fundamental soft skills
    3. Best usage of soft skills
    4. Training Process
    Feel free to contact me to talk about the articles!

  • Game Design Skills


    • Prototype and Iterate over a mechanic with the developer team, the art team. and the design team.
    • Creation of jungle gyms in Engine.
    • Fast prototyping of mechanic variant to test
    • Creation of One-Page Design.
    • Boardgame prototyping and playtest. (check out "Akvo" in the project section.)

    "World Building"

    Tuning & Balancing

    • Tuning in-engine values to obtain the desired feel.
    • Placing gameplay objects in levels and tune the effect.
    • Creation of balancing sheets for making changes in existing boardgames.


    • C++
    • UE4 Blueprint

    Check out my developer skills section for more details!


    • Figma, one-page design, mood board, and level design concepts.
    • Photoshop, image editing, concept image. 
    • Office and Google Doc, documentation, slideshow, balancing charts. 


    • Playtested in-house prototypes of mechanics, blockouts, first playable, and alpha version.
    • Playtested tested RPG games made inside Mammut RPG.
    • Tested and iterated on many boardgame prototypes I made.
  • Software Developer Skills

    Game Engines

    • Working in Unreal Engine 4 for 4 years.
    • Exploring Unity 3D to supplement my knowledge.

    Programming Languages

    • Most proficient in C++, and Java
    • Basic knowledge of C, Phyton, Javascript, Html, C#, XML, SQL, and SQLite.

    Version Control

    Git and GitLab, SVN, Perforce


    Visual Studio, Android Studio, Django, Eclipse

  • Soft Skills


    • Game design document maintenance
    • Public speaking
    • Offering constructive feedback to team members
    • Writing article and company-related documents


    • Planning, task estimation, task delegation
    • Organize sprint planning and review of sprints and backlog
    • Review of done tasks and provide feedback
    • Holding and organizing meetings
    • Working with Agile and Scrum methodologies

    General Soft skills

    • Teaching and mentoring other Team Leaders
    • Honest
    • Patience
    • Dependable
    • Good communication


    • Italian (Mother tongue)
    • English (level B2 - Conversational & Work)
  • Reach out to me!